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Dr. Royal Raymond Rife
In the late 1920s and early 1930s Dr. Royal Raymond Rife - using a frequency generator - applied frequency to living viruses and bacteria and learned that he could eliminate them. Royal Rife eliminated cancer.

In the summer of 1934 in California, under the auspices of the University of Southern California, a group of leading American bacteriologiests and doctors conducted the first succesful cancer clinic.   16 terminally ill people with cancer and other diseases were brought to the Scripps "ranch'.

The results showed that:

a) cancer was caused by a micro-organism;
b) the micro-organism could be painlessly destroyed in terminally ill cancer patients; and
c) the effects of the disease could be reversed.

Extracted from the book The Cancer Cure That Worked! by Barry Lynes.

Sir Dr. Peter Guy Manners, MD, an English Osteopath, and pioneer in sound healing.

His research showed that if for example the frequency of the lungs was 200 Hz or cycle per second then the way to restore the tissue to a healthy state was to broadcast at two frequencies above and two frequencies below, i.e. 198, 199, 200, 201, and 202 Hz. The frequencies have been established my measuring the natural resonant frequency of the many tissues in the body. These frequencies have been measured in the healthy and diseased state. Although the process may be used for any blockage in the body - tumor, calcification, or internal bruising for example, also be used for viral infections, bacteria and diseases of the blood.

CAT Scan
International Society for the Study 
of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine 1993

Harry Owens, M.D., speaking at the , reported on a sensitive machine like a CAT scanner (requiring no injection) that measures six types of energies simultaneously.
The energies include electrical, magnetic, microwave, acoustic (sound wave), chemi-luminescence (light wave) and infrared thermal fields. 

Early Detection of Impending Debilitations.
Eight years of empirical gathering have shown that imbalances show-up in the energy field two years before they can be detected by any other testing modality. 
Owens said the process is being studied at New York University and in 36 centers around the world. 

Stanford University
Professor William Tiller, PhD, at Stanford University with his gas discharge device. Also refer to his excellent book, Science and Human Transformation.

AMI, Japan
Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama of Japan who detects subtle energies with the aid of a computerized diagnostic system called AMI, which monitors electrical conductive properties of acupuncture points that indicate whether the energy along the meridians is deficient or in excess. 

Dr. Valerie Hunt who discovered, along with others at UCLA, the electromagnetic components of subtle energies through Fourier and Sonogram Frequency analysis. 

Dr. John Zimmerman and others, who measure the electromagnetic subtle energies around the body with a device called SQUID (Super-conducting Quantum Interference Device). 

William Nelsen who developed SCIO (Scientific Consciousness Interface Operations) a computerized instrument that quickly measures thousands of energies around the body. Advanced imaging detection, having to do with electromagnetic patterns of the physical body, is not too far in the future and will radically change the field of science and medicine. 


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