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Frequency Healing Benefits

Verification of Frequency Healing can be 
validated by observing the state of the chakras. 
This explains the power behind the rebalancing 
of the natural flow of the body's bio system. 

Tranformations and Ongoing Benefits 
of listening to the Healing Tones CDs

        Balancing and harmonizing the endocrine system
        Balance and harmonize the chakras
        Rebalancing the Chakras is longer lasting
        Relax and settle the body as a whole
        Overcome Shallow Breathing, becomes balanced and deep.
        Aura becomes more orderly, larger more stablized
        Dreams start to become healthy by releasing the tensions of the day 
        Negative Paterns become released and eliminated
        Energy is Created and spread through out your system
        Auras brighten-up
        Historic Health Challenges Disappear
        Aids with deeper meditation
        Continued Listening Increases Benefits Exponentially
        Enhances all types therapeutic massage. 

        Activates natural energy field: 

        • harmonizes
        • energizes
        • restores
        • rejuvenates
        • relaxes
        • reduces stress
        • aids sleep
        • deepens meditation


        • Physically
        • Emotionally
        • Spiritually

        Unlike Medication Surgery, the Healing Tones are

        • Non-invasive
        • Non-addictive
        • Non-toxic
        • Low cost
        • Safe

        The Healing Tones benefit you whether you use them while sleeping, awake, working or what ever. 

        Conscious intention brings geater power to the effectiveness of the tones.
        Very effective when meditating with intention. 

        You will enjoy a new level of Peacefulness


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