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The Largest Selection of Therapeutic Frequency CDs in the WORLD!
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The Largest Selection of Therapeutic Frequency CDs in the WORLD!
        Welcome to Healing Tones - a sound place to get your therapeutic CDs for frequency healing!  Thank you for visiting our site. Itís packed with detailed information about frequency healing. If you are just starting out in learning about the healing power of frequencies, you will soon find how fast you can become proficient in this therapeutic knowledge!

        Tone Frequencies have been found to aid in the balancing of a 
        multitude of disruptions and maladies of the body and emotions.

        We HaveThe Largest Selection of 
        Therapeutic Frequency  CDs in the WORLD!

        We pride ourselves in having the largest selection of Therapeutic Frequency CDs in the WORLD!  We have the Technology, and the capability, to date, to create any Tone currently known to man.  Audible or not! With this proficiency we can also customize any tone to your specific needs to synergize it's efficiency on special order.

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        Healing Tones Inc. Guarantees it's CDs to be of the finest sound quality and dedicated to customer satifaction.  If you should ever encounter a problem with any of our products.  Healing Tones Inc. will replace your CD and supply you with a bonus CD of your choice or refund your money.

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